BC Provincial Nominee Program Basics | British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

British Columbia (B.C) Provincial Nominee program is program that is introduced to help B.C labour market in a way to evolve with growing economy needs. B.C nominee program helps employers attract and retain qualified foreign workers who have the skills and experience to contribute to B.C.’s economy. It is not only just for workers, it also welcomes the business individuals who look to invest in growing B.C economy.

B.C nominee program is supported by its provincial government and federal government of Canada. The provincial nominee program assesses applications and nominates candidates for permanent residence, after which Canada Immigration and Citizenship makes the final decision on each application and issues permanent resident visas to successful nominees.

Skilled Worker Immigration

The BC Provincial Nominee Program's (PNP) Skills Immigration stream’s purpose is to nominate a worker with the skills, experience and qualifications needed by B.C. employers. This stream is made for if you would like to live and work in B.C. and become permanent residents of Canada.

To be qualified for this program as a nominee you have to meet certain requirements like:

  • Skilled workers (managers, professionals and skilled trades people),
  • Health care professionals (physicians, registered nurses and other health care workers),
  • International graduates:
  • With a degree or diploma from a Canadian college or university, or
  • With a master’s or doctoral degree in the natural, applied or health sciences from a B.C. university (for this category only, you do not need to have a job offer),
  • Entry-level or semi-skilled workers in tourism/hospitality, food processing and long-haul trucking, and
  • Entry-level or semi-skilled workers who are living in the northeast region of the province.

B.C Employers Responsibilities

BC nominee program is helps employers to hire worker from foreign to help their business become more prosperous. There certain requirements you have to meet to hire a foreign worker before you apply for the nominee program.

To be qualified for the nominee program here some of the requirements you may have to meet:

  • Your business must be in good standing and incorporated or registered as a limited liability partnership, in B.C., or be qualified as a public sector and non-profit employer.
  • Your offer must be full-time job offer for the nominee you want to employ
  • Have a history of good workplace and business practices.
  • Meet domestic labour market recruitment requirements.

Business Immigration

If you are business person who is looking to invest in and actively manage a business in the province of British Columbia, you may be eligible for the BC Provincial Nominee Program's Business Immigration stream. This is a fast pace way to the permanent residence application process if you want to establish yourself in B.C. and develop a business that will provide important economic benefits to the province.

You can apply for BC nominee program in three different category of the business:

  • The Entrepreneur category(i.e. you would like to start or purchase and expand a business anywhere in B.C)
  • The Strategic Project category(i.e. your company must be interested in setting up a B.C.-based operation anywhere in province)
  • The Regional Entrepreneur category(i.e. you would like to start or purchase and expand a business outside of the Vancouver and Abbotsford metropolitan areas)