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Financial Requirements to Sponsor Family to Canada

Financial Requirements to Sponsor Family to Canada

Sponsoring Family to Canada

Looking to sponsor a family member to Canada? Wondering about the process, and what to do? There are many different types of applications when sponsoring members of the Family Class. This can involve spouses, conjugal partners, common-law partners, parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. There are many types of members you can sponsor, each with a different application depending on their specific situation. However, there is one thing in common with all sponsorship applications. That is the proof of finances. As a sponsor, your application will likely question your financial situation. Depending on the type of application or person(s) you are sponsoring, you would need to meet certain specific financial requirements in order to be an eligible sponsor.

Why am I Financially Responsible for the Person I Sponsor?

When you sponsor someone under the Family Class, you will be asked to sign an undertaking. This is a contract in which you commit to being financially responsible for the person that you sponsor. This includes basic requirements, which are the essentials for living such as: food, clothing, personal requirements, shelter, utilities, fuel, household supplies, and health care (for those branches that aren’t covered in Canada, such as dentistry). This undertaking is assurance to the Canadian Government that your sponsorship will not result in a burden on the Canadian social assistance program. The undertaking only lasts a set number of years, dependent on the type of person you are sponsoring. For example, for a spouse, the length of the undertaking would be three years after the spouse becomes a permanent resident. Note that during this time period of three years, the undertaking is binding. This means that you would be responsible for them even if you divorce, separate, move away from each other, etc. This undertaking is the document that binds you to be financially responsible for the principal applicant. This means you must demonstrate that you have adequate financial resources to provide for the person(s) who will be coming to Canada.

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