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How to Sponsor my Conjugal Partner

How to Sponsor my Conjugal Partner

Cant get together with your Partner you may Sponsor under Conjugal Sponsorship

Are you interested in sponsoring your Conjugal Partner to Canada? Canadians truly value family life. As such, Canadian immigration has strong intentions to help unite families together. Thus, they have included many means of sponsoring your significant other, including conjugal partners, to Canada. However, as with all immigration matters there is always the priority of keeping Canadian citizens safe. Thus, there is a set procedure you will need to follow when sponsoring your conjugal partner to Canada.

What is a Conjugal Partner?

In order to sponsor your conjugal partner, you would be doing so through what is known as the Family Class. This category of sponsorship deals with immigration matters relating to the sponsorship of someone that has a strong familial relationship with you. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, a conjugal partner is officially defined as someone that has been in a genuine relationship with you for at least one year. This relationship would require a large amount of attachment between you two, as well as both a physical relationship and a mutually interdependent relationship. However, marriage or cohabitation would not have occurred due to certain barriers. These barriers can include religion or sexual orientation, etc.

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