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Canada Study Permit Requirements

Canada Study Permit Requirements

Want to Study in Canada?

Canada is an amazing country to study in; many students from around the world consider studying in Canada because of its high ranked post-secondary schools. Many students, wherever in the world they may reside, at one point in their lifetime consider studying abroad. Some students like the thought of and want to study abroad but are not able to do so solely on the fact that they do not want to go through the hassle of seeing whether or not they are eligible to apply for a Study Permit. At Akrami and Associates, we understand how confusing and difficult it may be to obtain a study permit if you have no experience or are applying for the first time. Our associates are experts regarding the topic of study permits due to their past experiences with helping clients obtain study permit. One of our associates can and will be more than happy to assist you in obtaining your study permit. You can rest assured when you choose to work with Akrami & Associates because the representatives have dealt with many successful cases so hopefully we stick to our success and make your case one of our many successes as well.

Who is eligible to apply for a Study Permit?

You may ask yourself “am I eligible to apply for a study permit?” Well, if you are a foreign person who wishes to study in Canada, you may be able to do so under certain conditions. If you are a foreign person who wants to study in Canada, you must choose to do so (study in Canada) for more than 6 months. You are eligible to study in Canada for professional education and/or training. However, you are not eligible/not permitted to obtain a study permit if your intentions are not solely for the purposes of study, hence, if you choose to abuse the power of this permit to just get into the country, an officer has the right to take it away from you. Officers may refuse your application if your evidence is not sufficient enough and/or they are not satisfied with the information provided. A study permit, likewise its name, is only used for the use of study. A study permit is much like a visa in regards to the application process and documents. Study permits and visas differ from each other in that they are used for different purpose When you choose to obtain a study permit, you must intend to leave the country and go back to your own home country, in order to prove this, you must convince the officer you have ties back home and that you do indeed intend to go back and live there.

What is the cost of a Study Permit?

As with all other government applications, there is an attached fee that comes with a study permit. The cost of a study permit is $150 CAD; the way in which you choose to pay that sum of money is completely up to you. There are a few different ways you could choose to pay the online fee. If you pay and fill out your application online, you could use either your Visa®, MasterCard® or American Express®. You can pay online using only those three methods of payment and nothing else. If you do not want to apply online, and wish to apply on paper because it is more beneficial to you, you can do so by paying online however, when it comes to the application part, instead of completing the application online, you could print it off and complete it by hand. If you choose to print out your application and fill it out by hand, you have to submit it in person to the nearest Visa Application Centre (VAC). Whichever method you choose to pay/apply with, make sure you contact and acquire the assistance of one of our experienced associates so that you ensure success in obtaining a study permit. If our client is experiencing difficulty with paying the processing fee of an application, we urge them not to worry too much about it because at the end of the day, our number one priority is helping our clients and helping them solve their case successfully.

What important documents are required for Study Permit?

Unfortunately, the process of obtaining a study permit is not as easy as it may seem. If an officer has any doubts whatsoever in you returning back to your home country, or for any reason at all, they may deny your application/entry. When applying for a study permit, along with the application itself, you are required to attach your pictures and fingerprints (biometric fingerprints and photo), passport, letter of acceptance from the institution you will be studying at (in Canada), and an explanation on why you want to study in Canada as opposed to your home country. These are just some of the many required documents, with the help of the staff at Akrami and Associates, we will help you with our expertise and experience by facilitating the application process for you and helping you get your study visa successfully with ease. Filling in just one part of an application with incorrect information by accident can be crucial for the success of your application. Also, if you forget to include an important document along with your application, it may lead to a declined application as well. Even though you may have submitted all of the required documents and the application itself, you may be appalled when you are denied a study permit. Along with the required documents, the government requires you to provide a lump sum of money as a form of deposit. By doing this, it ensures the government that you are committed to studying in Canada and have enough money to support your self while doing so. If you want to obtain a study permit, do not take the chance to make silly mistakes that could affect your whole future, contact Akrami and Associates for a consultation today!

Contact Akrami and Associates Today!

Do not hesitate to contact Akrami & Associates for your study permit needs. At Akrami and Associates, we have worked on over 15,000 cases and completed them with successful outcomes. When you choose to work with us, you are guaranteed exceptional service from one of our experienced and knowledgeable associates. Why would you want to take chances and fill out applications with no guidance, when they can be denied for the smallest of reasons? One small mistake can lead to a denied study permit. Do not let this happen, one of our experienced associates can aid you and facilitate the process by informing you and teaching you some things you may not know already. With the help of our associates you are not only increasing your chance of obtaining a study permit but you are also expanding your knowledge of your situation and if you ever choose to re apply for a study permit, you will have all the knowledge you acquire to do so yourself. Remember, no matter how big or how small your case may be, with Akrami & Associates, there is always a way!

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