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Applying for a Minor's Study Permit


How can I apply for a Minor’s Study Permit

Do you want to bring your child to Canada? Are you seeking to provide your child the privilege of attaining a Canadian education? Do you require assistance in completing your minor’s application for a study permit study permit? Fear not! Acquiring a Canadian education is a luxury that most parents dream of making accessible to their children. If you are like most parents who do, or if you or someone you know is seeking assistance in inquiring information about a minor’s study permit, there is some important information you should know that will help you get started. Continue reading this blog in order to find out more on this specific immigration topic.

What is a Minor’s Study Permit

A minor’s study permit minor’s study permit is a document issued to young foreign nationals seeking to pursue an education in Canada under a designated learning institution. These foreign nationals are typically children aged 18 years old and younger within the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan. However the age is increased to 19 years old and younger for the provinces of British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, and Yukon.

Who can apply for a minor’s study permit

Most minor children minor children, whom are seeking to study in Canada, require a permit in order to do so. In order to be applicable for a minor’s study permit, the applicant must be able to demonstrate that they are in fact enrolled in a DLI (designated learning institute) within Canada. This can be proved through an acceptance letter or a confirmation of enrollment via the school in which the applicant intends on attending. Minor children must also demonstrate they will be in the country beforehand with an approved parent, legal guardian or custodian within Canada. A custodian in Canada is deemed as a responsible adult (this can be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident), approved by the government, who can take care of and support the minor.

In order to qualify as a custodian for a minor applicant, a document titled Custodianship Declaration Form must be filled out and sent in to CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). For more details on this document, please see the government website as they will have access to further information you may require.

There is an exemption to this requirement (a study permit) for those minor children who already have a parent or caregiver acquiring a work or study permit, prior to entering Canada.

Who does not need to apply for a minor’s study permit

There are some exceptions to minors whom are exempt from being required to obtain a study permit in Canada. These exceptions may include: any minor attending kindergarten, are refugees or refugee claimants, who’s parents are refugees or refugee claimants, are already in Canada – their parents or caregivers are allowed to work or study within Canada, or will attend either pre-school, primary or secondary school.

Anybody considering applying for a minor’s study permit but are recognized as a Registered Indian, or acquire that status within Canada, do not need a permit of any sort to be able to study.

Application Process

Depending on the status of the minor children, there are different requirements that must be met in order to be able to enroll within a Canadian education. If the minor child is a permanent resident then keep in mind that no study permit will be required on their behalf in order to be able to continue an education in Canada.

The documents required for a permanent resident minor consist of: a minor applicant’s record of landing, confirmation of permanent residency, and a permanent residency card.

Some of the documents required for a foreign minor applicant attending a grade higher than kindergarten consist of: a stamp on the child’s passport, a stamp on the parent’s passport where the child is enlisted as their own son or daughter, and much more as listed on the CIC website.

All applicants must be able to demonstrate that they acquire enough funds to be able sufficiently provide for themselves during their stay and that academic progress is being made.

How long can I stay in Canada with my minor’s study permit

Study permits Study permits intended for minor children acquire a length of validity for: primary schools; only from grades 1 through 8 (can be renewed), secondary schools; grades 9 through 12, plus 90 days (only having a maximum of 4 years), post secondary schools; the length of study time for the program, plus 90 days (only having a maximum of 4 years).

There are special cases that will be taken under consideration for the length of a minor’s study permit. This can be seen in Quebec as their minor’s study permit is the same length of time as their Certficat D’acceptation du Quebec, conditional acceptances, and children who’s parents already obtain a study or work permit.

Contact Akrami and Associates

If you are a foreign national or know someone who is seeking to provide a child with an opportunity to acquire a Canadian education, and need guidance on getting started on the right track, then do not hesitate to contact us at Akrami and Associates Akrami and Associates. It is essential that as an applicant you take into consideration all of the aforementioned factors that matter when applying for a minor’s study permit, to ensure that your application is not refused based off of any technicality. If you are unsure or need help on knowing what you need to get started for your minor’s application today, you can gladly contact us at our office at 416-477-2545, as we have assisted many immigration matters and can definitely help you too.

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