How to Avoid Removal Orders | Authorization to Return to Canada

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If you have entered Canada, for whatever the reason, maintaining your status is key to legally remaining in Canada. Unfortunately, ignorance of the law or immigration regulation is no excuse from the government or Citizenship and Immigration Canada taking action against you.

Whatever your purpose or status in Canada is, you need to maintain this status above all else if you wish to legally remain in Canada and not affect any future applications.

Keeping your Status in Canada

To avoid any complications with your status in Canada, here are a few tips to help you:

  • Make a mental note, write on your calendar, set reminders etc. for when your status will expire;
  • If you intend on maintaining this status, prepare your documents in advance;
  • Submit an application prior to the expiry of your documents;
  • Allow for processing times of a new application;
  • Account for the time it will take to obtain your new status document; this may affect those on a work permit.

If your intention is not to maintain your status, there are other things you need to do to avoid a removal order:

  • Notify Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Canadian Border of your intention to exit Canada;
  • Prepare for your exit travel in advance of the expiry of your status documents;
  • Pack your belongings in advance;
  • Exit Canada no later than the date you have committed to or been requested to leave.

If you follow the above steps, you will not have any issues with respect to complains of regulations and will be considered in good standing with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

If you do not, you face complications like:

  • Falling out of status;
  • Losing your status abilities, for example, no longer being authorized to work;
  • Receiving a removal order;
  • Remaining in the country illegally;
  • Working illegally;
  • Having a negative impact on any future applications;
  • Requiring additional documentation like an Authorization to Return to Canada or Temporary Resident Permit before you Canada obtain new status in Canada.

If you face this situation, contact us. Many people are not aware of their options or how to extend their status or apply for new status. Akrami & Associates is here to help. With our in depth knowledge of the Canadian Immigration system, we will help you remain in Canada or avoid any negative impact on future applications.