Authorization to return to Canada ARC | Authorization to Return to Canada

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What is ARC?

ARC is authorization to return to Canada. It is needed when someone was once in Canada, then they were asked to leave using one of the three removal orders we have, and now they want to come back into the country. There are three types of removal orders in Canada: departure order, exclusion order and deportation order.

Departure Order

Departure order gives you the choice to leave Canada voluntarily or else you will be forced to leave Canada. If you had received a departure order and you left Canada within the required 30 days, and you verified your departure with a Canadian immigration officer at the port of exit, you do not need ARC. However, if you left the country without verifying your departure, or you left more than 30 days after the order was issued, the departure order automatically becomes a deportation order and you would need to apply for an ARC.

Exclusion Order

If you were issued an exclusion order and 12 months have passed since you left Canada and you have a Certificate of Departure showing the date you left Canada, you do not need an ARC to return to Canada. You would just be subject to normal examination at the port of entry. If you want to return to Canada before the 12 months are up, after the exclusion order was issued and do not have a Certificate of Departure, you need to apply for an ARC in order to come back into Canada .

Deportation Order

If you have been issued a Deportation Order, you will need to apply for ARC to come back into Canada. A deportation order bans a person from ever coming back into Canada without authorization.

Reasons for Inadmissibility

  • Security reasons (espionage, subversion, violence or terrorism, or membership in an organization that is involved in any of these)

  • Human or international rights violations (including war crimes, crimes against humanity, being a senior official in a government engaged in gross human rights violations)

  • Committing serious crime that would be punishable by a maximum prison term of at least 10 years in Canada

  • Having been convicted of a crime, including driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs

  • Organized crime (membership in an organization)

  • Health grounds (if condition is likely to endanger health or social services)

  • Financial reasons (unable to support themselves or their families)

  • Misrepresentation (false information or withholding information)

  • Having an inadmissible family member

    If you are applying to Canada for any reason whether it is visiting, studying, working or immigrating, you do not need to submit a separate application for an ARC. If you are approved, the ARC will have been deemed to be dealt with and all you need to do is pay any fees that are required of you.

    Removal orders are simple and if dealt with properly, not disastrous when dealing trying to come back into Canada. Allow our legal professionals to answer any questions, comments or concerns you have in regards to your matter.