Application to Return to Canada | Authorization to Return to Canada

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You may need to make an application to return to Canada if you have been subject to a removal order in the form of,

  • A departure order;
  • An exclusion order; or
  • A deportation order

In order to better understand the application process, you should know whether or not this application will apply to you.

Upon receiving a departure order, if you left within the required thirty days and validated your departure at a port of exit with an immigration officer, then you will not need to make an application for authorization to return to Canada. If you did not comply with these requirements, then an application will need to be made.

If an exclusion order was issued to you, then twelve months must have passed since you left Canada and you must provide a certificate of departure as proof of the day you left. If it has yet to be twelve months since you left Canada or you do not have the certificate, then you must make an application to enter Canada.

All persons issued a deportation order will have to make an application if they wish to come to Canada again.

So what is this application for Authorization to Return to Canada? Due to your removal order, you must show that the problem you were asked to leave is not a continuing concern.

To apply for authorization to return to Canada, you will have to:

  • Complete a Temporary Resident Visa form online and make sure you have the barcode page
  • Attach two passport sized photos
  • Attach a copy of your passport
  • Write a letter explaining why you should be allowed to enter Canada
  • Pay the processing fee

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