Provincial Nominee Program for Alberta | Alberta Immigrant Provincial Nominee Program

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Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (ANIP), The AINP is an economic immigration program operated by the Government of Alberta with the Government of Canada’s department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). This program is to attract immigrants who can support Alberta economy in a way that it benefits its growth.

If you are nominated by the Government of Alberta, together with your spouse/common-law partner and dependent children, you can apply for permanent residence through CIC as a Provincial Nominee. CIC makes final decisions on all Provincial Nominee permanent resident applications.

The AINP offers options for both skilled and semi-skilled workers. In addition, there are options to apply on your own, or with your employer. ANIP has their own stream and categories for accepting application.

Compulsory and Optional Trades Category

The requirement for the Compulsory and Optional Trades Category are:

  • You must intend to and be able to live and work permanently in Alberta.
  • You must have;
    • A valid Alberta Qualification Certificate in a compulsory or optional trade
    • A valid Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) Recognized Trade Certificate in a compulsory or optional trade.
  • You must be residing in Alberta at the time of application and show that you have a valid work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to work in Alberta in the trade in which you are certified.
  • You must show, at the time of application, that you are either currently working in your trade for an Alberta Employer or have previously worked in your trade with an Alberta Employer for a minimum of six months in the past two years.
  • If you are working as a Parts Technician, you are working in a NOCC (semi-skilled) level occupation. You are required to meet language requirements for semi-skilled occupations. There are three accepted language tests you can choose from. Your test result cannot be more than two years old at the time you submit your AINP application.

Engineering Occupations Category

The requirements for the Engineering Occupations Category:

  • You must be currently residing in Alberta.
  • You must intend to and be able to live permanently in Alberta.
  • You must provide evidence of related education/training and experience as an engineer, designer or drafter.
  • You must be currently working or have worked within the last two years in Alberta either directly or on contract for an Alberta Employer.

Requirements for An Employer

For an employer who is looking to hire you have to meet certain criteria such as:

· Incorporated or registered by or under an act of the legislature of a province or the Parliament of Canada and operating as a business.

· Have a job offer to the Candidate for permanent, full-time employment in a skilled occupation. That skilled occupation must be an occupation that falls under one of the following skills levels under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system.

· Have proof of your authorization to hire a foreign worker by showing either the Labour Market Opinion (LMO), or evidence of the LMO exemption.

Requirements for A worker

As a worker you must show:

  • Clear intentions in the application that you are able to and want to live permanently in Alberta.
  • Have related education, training, previous work experience, and any Alberta licensing needed for the position and to meet AINP requirements.
  • A copy of your valid permit, if you are already working in Alberta.
  • Your legal status in your country of residence only if you are not currently working in Alberta (you are living overseas)