How To Renew My PR Card | Permanent Resident Card Renewal

To Renew your PR Card:

You may be able to apply for renewal or replacement of your Permanent Resident Card or PR Card if it has expired, or is about to expire, has been stolen or has been destroyed. For the purposes of the blog, I will talk about PR card renewal.

You may only apply for a PR card renewal if your card has expired or soon will expire. To renew your card, you would have to follow the same steps as you did to apply for a permanent resident card. You will be required to provide the same documents, photographs and the pay the assigned fee.

You would fill out the same application as you did the first time for the PR card. In most cases you DO NOT need to apply for renewal if your PR card is still valid for more than six months. You should retain you current PR card (even if it is expired), until you receive the new one. You may be required to bring with you the previous card and a list of original documents. These original documents may include a valid passport or a travel document, secondary identity document (driver’s license), etc. You may also require statutory declaration attesting to your identity. There are specific requirements for the photographs that may be allowed. It is important for you to be aware of the specific requirement, as if not followed correctly; your application may not be processed.

Important note: the PR cards will not be sent to an address outside of Canada. Make sure you provide an address within Canada.

If you have any question about how to apply for PR card, and what further documents may be required. You can contact us, and our team of experienced professionals will be happy to help you.