Overstay I-94 | Overstay in the USA

An I-94 is an Arrival and Departure record; it may be on paper or electronic. This is usually issued by a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer. These are typically issued by customs officers to visitors entering the US.

If the I-94 is electronic, the foreign visitor will be given an annotated stamp on their passport. If the I-94 is in paper form, the CBP officer will attach it to the passport. The stamp will provide a date, and the visitor must exist before or on the date stamped on the passport.

I-94 basically sets out the time line for your stay, and it is important that you abide by the terms of your stay. Consequences of overstaying may be extremely harsh, and may result in a ban from the country for up to 10 years.

Consequence depends on specific circumstances, like:

  • How long you overstayed;
  • Did you apply for an extension;
  • Why did you over stay; and
  • The type of visa or authorization you received while in the U.S.

In most circumstance, however, the consequences can be severe. Therefore it is important that you understand the terms of your stay, and be aware of the date on the I-94.

If you have overstayed your visit, your options may be limited, and you may be required to take quick action.

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