Applying For a Study Permit

Many foreign nationals attempt to come and receive an education in Canada’s well known education system. Studying in Canada has many perks, including receiving Canadian legal status under the law. Although, it is important to note that a study permit is not a visitor’s visa, so you must leave after your study period has ended. It is also possible to return to your home country during study breaks, but must return with proof of study at a designated Canadian Learning institution. There are also certain exceptions in regards to study permits; these exceptions are individuals who are exempt from needing a study permit to study in Canada or those from a designated country which allows for direct entry into a Canadian designated learning institutions (DLI). This article will discuss how to apply for a study permit through the student direct stream, who can extend their study permit, and the conditions on study permits.

Requirements for a study permit

The first step in obtaining a study permit is receiving an offer of admission from a Canadian learning institution. Once you have received and accepted your offer, you may apply for a study permit in Canada. The study permit is a document that the Canadian government issues that allows international students to study at a designated learning institutions (DLI) in Canada.

While studying in Canada under a study permit you must:

Depending on your case, there may be conditions on your study permit such as:

How long is a study permit valid?

A study permit is valid for the entire length of your program, and you will also receive an extra 90 days after the end of your program. This extra time lets you prepare to leave the country or to extend your stay in Canada.

Your studies are complete once you:

You must provide proof of the date that you have received one of these.

Who is Eligible for the Student Direct Stream

The student direct stream only applies to individuals of certain countries. These countries have an agreement with the government of Canada to process student applications from these designated countries faster than applicants from other foreign countries.

You can apply if you’re a legal resident in:

If you live in another country (even if you’re a citizen of one of the countries stated), you have to apply through the regular study permit application process.

Documents you need for your application

You must attach these documents with your application:

After you apply

If your application is complete, it can start being reviewed it right away.

If your application meets the regular study permit criteria but not the Student Direct Stream criteria, your application will be reviewed as a regular study permit, meaning you will not receive faster processing.

If we approve your application

You will be sent:

Your study permit is valid until the end of your school program.

If your application is refused

You will be sent you a letter explaining why you were refused. If you have questions about why you were refused, contact the visa office that sent the refusal letter.

Updating your application

If you move or change your address, telephone number or any other contact information after you apply, you let the IRCC know.

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