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Shoib Rabbani attorney duly licenced in Quebec

Shoib Rabbani Quebec Immigration Lawyer

Shoib Rabbani is an attorney duly licenced with the Quebec Bar who focuses primarily on business immigration and corporate estate and retirement planning for high net-worth clients. He is an affiliate of Akrami & Associates in the city of Montreal, Quebec.

In the field of business immigration law, Shoib is recognized as a pragmatic and efficient problem-solver. He has provided legal advice to individuals in various stages of their applications, and has further aided in ancillary immigration procedures such as family sponsorships and work permits for corporate employees.

Shoib’s business experience has been leveraged by business category clients and investors by helping them to effect due diligence in their search to acquire Canadian corporations for investment purposes, whether by way of asset or share purchase.


In addition to his work, Shoib is a member of, and counsel for, various non-profit organizations; furthermore he is an accomplished speaker who guest-lectures in various venues, including universities, financial institutions, and community events.