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Why study in Canada

Why study in Canada

Advantages of Studying in Canada as an International Student

Canada is known as of the best countries to study in, many foreign students select to study in Canada because it is known for its schools. Every year thousands of international students apply for Canadian colleges or universities and approximately over 200,000 students are studying currently and the number keeps growing every year. Many internationals students choose Canada to study because it offers great advantages over other developed countries. Some of these advantages include, cheaper tuition fees, Canadian education is respected worldwide, Canadian education prepares students for their professional career in Canada or abroad. Also, international students may eligible to apply for permanent residency in Canada upon completion of their studies and having gained professional work experience in Canada.

Ways of studying in Canada as an International Student

If you like to study in Canada you have two options either applying for the Canadian student permit or studying in Canada without the study permit. If your program of study is longer than 6 months you require a study permit. If your program is six months or less you are exempt from the requirement of study permit. This means your program of study should be completed within the 6 month period and you will not be granted an extension to remain in Canada.

What is a Study Permit?

A study permit is document that allows the international student to study in Canada. This document is issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) upon meeting the requirements set by the government of Canada. The study permit is only granted for limited amount of time, this means once your permit expires you either have to apply for an extension or exit the country when the visa expires.

Can I apply inside of Canada to study?

You may apply from within Canada only if your program of study is less than six months and your course of program is no longer than your original period of stay. For example if your visa expires May 1/2016 and you picked a program that starts on April 1 of 2016 then you are not eligible to study you cannot overstay your welcome stay in Canada.

Can I study in Canada as a minor child?

Minor children living inside of Canada can study without the study permit. So if your parents are temporary students or workers your minor child is able to study without having to submit an application for study permit. If you are on a visitor visa to Canada your minor child is not authorized to study in Canada.

Do I need a study permit if submitted an application under the Family Class

Family members that fall under the family class do not require to submit an application for study permit. This would include spouses, common law partners, dependent children or dependent child of dependent child.

How can I get Study Permit for Canada?

Applying for study permit you would have to meet certain requirements:

  • Apply for a program that interests you (research colleges or universities in Canada)
  • Obtain the acceptance letter from the college or university
  • Apply for study permit once you get the acceptance letter
  • Apply for Temporary Resident Visa if you don’t come from a Visa Exempt Country (e.g. India, Pakistan, Afghanistan)
  • Provide police clearance and medicals if requested by CIC
  • Prove to CIC that you are only staying temporarily in Canada and will exit Canada once your visa expires

I have a study permit for Canada, can I work?

If you are foreign student and have obtained your study permit successfully you may be able to work off campus. To work off campus as an international student you have to be enrolled in designated college or university in Canada. Please visit CIC website for list of designated learning institutions in Canada. Also, as the foreign student wanting to work off campus your program of study has to be longer than 6 months, be a full time student and you have to be in good standing with your learning institution.

Who cannot work Off Campus?

If you are an international student taking classes in English or French as a second language you are not eligible to work off campus. If you are taking general course programs or are an exchange student then you are also not eligible to work off campus.

I have graduated from my studies how can I remain in Canada?

Many internationals students that graduate from their course of study they wish to remain in Canada and obtain permanent residency. To remain in Canada as the international graduate you can apply for the Post-Graduate Work Permit. The Post-Graduate Work Permit allows the foreign student to remain in Canada and work. Immigration Canada likes to keep foreign students as their skills and expertise are needed in Canada and therefore encourage students to apply for the Post-Graduate Work Permit. Under this program the international student can obtain an Open Work Permit, this permit allows the international student to work for any employer in Canada and are exempt from the Labour Market Impact Asssessment.

What requirements do I have to meet for the Post-Graduate Work Permit?

  • The program you graduated from was a full time course for eight months prior to completion of your studies
  • Graduated from either post-secondary school such as university or college
  • Private school that follows the same rules and regulations as a post-secondary school
  • Has applied for the work permit within 90 days of receiving confirmation from their school that they have completed the program successfully
  • Completed and passed their program and got their certification from their school
  • have a valid study permit when applying for the work permit

When applying for the Post-Graduate Work Permit your course of study should be at least two years if you want to obtain the three year work permit. You can still apply for the work permit if your course is less than two years but longer than 8 months but in order to obtain the work permit your permit will only be issued for the same duration as your program of study

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