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TRP at Canadian Border

TRP at Canadian Border

If you know that, for health reasons, criminality issues, human rights issues, or security risk reasons, you will be considered inadmissible to Canada, you may apply for a Temporary Resident Permit at the Canadian border which will give you the opportunity to state your case to a border officer.

There are some risks and benefits in applying for a permit at the border as opposed to making an application at a Canadian Consulate in your home country and waiting for an approval. Some of the risks and benefits include,

  • Amount of time to process

o If you are applying for a temporary resident permit prior to entering Canada, the wait time can be up to one year

o If you are applying for a permit at the Canadian border, if successful, you will be permitted to enter right away

  • Costs

o If your permit is denied at the border, the cost it took you to get there will have been wasted

o The processing fee is $200, non-refundable, regardless of which way you choose to obtain your permit

It is important to understand that either way will not guarantee you entrance into Canada. Sometimes it may not be a choice for you either. If you know you will need to enter Canada one year from now, you may choose to make an application and wait for an approval, however, if you find that you have to enter immediately, for whatever reasons, then you have no choice but to make your case at the border.

Similar to an application to a Canadian consulate in your home country, when you apply at the Canadian border, you must have the application and all documentations with you. So for those who do face inadmissibility issues and are wondering what they can do to successfully enter Canada, it is possible to apply for a temporary resident permit at the Canadian border.

If you require additional information regarding the temporary resident permit, or any help with the application and procedures, please contact Akrami & Associates and let one of our experienced legal professionals assist you.

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