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Three Tips For TRP

Three Tips For TRP

1. Requirements

The application criteria:

  • A foreign national who is inadmissible or does not meet the requirements of the IRPA, may be eligible for a TRP if an officer believes the admission is justified in the circumstances.

  • The issuing of the TRP solely relies on the discretion of the officer

  • The foreign national’s circumstances have to be compelling and sufficient to be requesting an entry in Canada

  • The TRP can be cancelled at any time and is usually cancelled for one of the following:

    • Based on the allowance of IRPA to cancel the permit according to s.24(1)

    • The permit holder leaves Canada without obtaining prior authorization to re-enter Canada

    • The permit has expired

    • Or the permit has been valid for years

  • A TRP holder such as a foreign worker can apply for work or study permit and may even have access to health and social services

2. Application

For a citizen of a visa-exempt country, there may be a separate application form based on the visa office. Otherwise submit an application for Temporary Resident Visa along with supporting document to explain the reason of your inadmissibility and why should you be allowed to enter Canada.

The fee for processing the application is $200 for a TRP, and is not refundable even if the permit is refused. It is important that the applicant must provide the truthful answers, and give reasons as to why his/her entry to Canada is needed.


  • The person applying for a TRP must provide two passport sized photographs

  • Copy of a passport

  • Photocopy of the applicant’s current immigration document

3. Where to apply

TRPs are issued at both Canadian ports of entry and CIC inland offices. A foreign national outside Canada wishing to apply for a TRP may do so at the visa office. The visa office assesses the application and either refuse or approve it. If approved, the TRP is issued at the port of entry when the person arrives in Canada. The visa office does not issue the TRP itself. Therefore a foreign national can apply for one at port of entry or at a visa office. However it is not advisable to apply at the port of entry because the officer can refuse the permit and require the individual to leave the country immediately. Although the processing time at the visa offices are several months long but this is the safer bet.

For further information on how to apply for Temporary Resident Permit, please contact us and we will gladly help you in your matter.

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