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Immigration Blog about US & Canadian Immigration matters. If you would like to learn about US and Canadian immigration matters you have came to the right place to read blogs.

Getting Your Credentials Assessed


Immigration and Credentials

Many immigration applications, such as Federal Skilled Worker applications and study permit applications, require applicants to provide their credentials. The credentials refer to the applicant’s education and work experience. If you obtained your credentials outside Canada, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada will require you to have your credentials assessed. At this point, you may be wondering the importance of having your credentials assessed. Having your credentials assessed will show employers what you are qualified for. That being said, employers will better determine if you need more training, education or Canadian work experience, and if your credentials are equal to the standards set for Canadian workers. In this blog, you will learn information about credential assessment.

Credentials vs. Qualifications vs. Competencies

Immigration terminologies can be confusing to foreign nationals. The meaning of a credential is not necessarily the equivalent of the meaning of a qualification. As a result, it is important for you the fully understand the following terms.

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