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All About Spousal Sponsorship


A Basic Overview of Spousal Sponsorship

Often, when individuals refer to spousal sponsorship, they are referring to the streams of sponsorship in which partners sponsor each other; they may not necessarily be referring specifically to the process of spousal sponsorship. This is important to understand because there is a slightly different process for each of the three available routes under family class sponsorship. Specifically, if you would like to apply under any of the three programs, you must meet the eligibility requirements of that program. Throughout this article, we will explain the basics of conjugal sponsorshipconjugal sponsorship, common-law sponsorship, and spousal sponsorshipspousal sponsorship, and we will be sure to touch on the requirements to be eligible for each of the sponsorship streams.

What is Spousal Sponsorship Strictly?

Spousal sponsorship is a way helping your spouse become a permanent resident of Canada, so that the two of you may begin living together forever. To be eligible as a couple to apply for spousal sponsorship, you must be legally married. This means, you must have a marriage certificate for proof. While also the marriage must be conducted in such a way that it is legally recognized by both the country in which the marriage took place, and would also pass the legal qualifications of a Canadian marriage. Finally, you must be over the age of 18 to get married, or, have been over the age of 18 when you got married, regardless of the laws in your country of origin. Therefore, you must also both be over 18 to apply for spousal sponsorshipspousal sponsorship.

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