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How to Avoid Immigration Fraud


Avoid Fraud

In 2013, a British Colombian man was able to pull off one of Canada’s most profitable immigration frauds to date. Due to the fraud, 1,200 clients of this unlicensed British Colombian “lawyer” are now facing scrutiny and are open to investigation after they were all falsely represented.

In fact hundreds of his clients were actually pretending to live in Canada, often times at his multi-million dollar home, in order to meet the residency requirements to be granted permanent residency; all the while most of these individuals had never even visited Canada. The individuals that did pretend to live in Canada are now facing deportation orders. The hundreds of individuals that simply were misrepresented by this individual may be losing their citizenship or permanent residency as well. Sadly the representative most likely doesn't even care about the hundreds of individuals lives that he has affected because over $10M was collected from this particular scam.

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