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FAQs About Study Permits

Learn About Study Permits! 

There are many students worldwide who dream of the opportunity to study abroad, and many have an interest specifically in Canada. If you have been thinking about studying in Canada, then this article is for you! There are many things you need to know about the application process, and our other blogs about study permits can provide information on all the details of the application, though, there are also some very important questions individuals often ask, that we would like to address directly. So, allow us to begin.

Q: What are the First Steps in Preparing an Application?

A: First and foremost, you must be accepted into a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada. You absolutely cannot apply for a study permit without one. Then, you’ll need to start preparing your application. You’ll need to prove to an immigration officer the opportunity to study in Canada is very advantageous to you, and that you are in a financial position which allows you to support yourself while you are in Canada, and pay for your return to your country of origin. Then, you’ll need to prove you have every intention of returning to your country of origin. You can do this by proving you have strong ties to your home country. Also, you must not be inadmissible for any reason, or, go through the relevant application process to become eligible to travel to Canada.

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