Intra Company Transfer Work Permit Application Process

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Intra Company Transfer Work Permit Eligibility


Intra Company Transfer

Are you a foreign national that wants to work in Canada? Do you already work in a multinational company from either the United States or Mexico, which acquires an existing subsidiary branch within Canada? Do you obtain an upper-level position within your multinational company and are seeking to expand your knowledge to your company’s subsidiary branch? If your answers to these previous questions are yes, then you may be eligible for an intra-company transfer. Acquiring a work visa or permit within Canada is not an easy process to undergo and in order to be successful in this process, it is recommended to seek out legal experience and book a consultation with one of our immigration representatives through Akrami & Associates. For further information on this topic, please continue to read this blog.

What is an Intra Company Transfer

An intra-company transfer refers to an eligible foreign national, that is employed in a multinational company somewhere abroad, and wishes to be employed in a connecting branch for their company, within Canada. This transfer can only occur if the eligible worker wishes to transfer within a branch of their original company, which can be only from the United States or Mexico. But first things first, all potential intra-company transferees must obtain a work permit in order to even be considered for an employment transfer to Canada. Without this valid piece of document, a foreign national from a visa-exempt country cannot obtain work in Canada, regardless of connecting branches of employment.

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