Super Visa

If you are the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and you,

then making an application for a Super Visa may be preferable to you. In addition to the above reasons, applying for a Super Visa is also less expensive.

There are three steps in applying for a Super Visa,

  1. You need to determine your eligibility
  2. Complete the application and gather your supporting documentation
  3. Submitting your application

Some things that may be taken into consideration when determining you eligibility is,

            o This is to make sure that you will leave at the end of your authorized stay

            o This could simply be for visiting your children and grandchildren or assisting with the care of your children and grandchildren

            o This is to determine whether you will be self-sufficient while in Canada

            o Many people may be using this as a means to flee their home country and so this ties into establishing that you only intend to stay temporarily

            o This could be from your child or grandchild; it authenticates your purpose for being in Canada

Although you may be from a visa-exempt country and do not require a visa to enter Canada, you can still make an application in order to stay for longer. In addition to the application, you must also submit documentations that will establish the points mentioned above. This could be,

Once you have all the documents you need, you will send your application to the Visa Application Centre that is applicable to you.

If you require any assistance regarding your Super Visa application, you can contact Akrami & Associates and let one of our legal representatives help you. Call today to book a consultation.