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Study Permit

Study Permit

What is a Study Permit?

A Study Permit is a document that gives you permission to start or continue studies in Canada. You can come to Canada to study at a primary or secondary school which goes up to grade 12. You can also come to study at a college or university. As an international student enrolled in a designated learning institution you will be allowed to work part-time during school and full-time during school breaks without a work permit.

What do I need to study in Canada?

  • You need to have a letter of acceptance from the designated learning institution
  • Proof that you have enough money to pay for:
  • tuition fees,
  • living expenses for yourself and family member who comes with you, and
  • transportation for yourself and family member who comes with you.
  • You need to be a law abiding citizen with no criminal records and not be a risk to the security of Canada
  • You need be in good health and be willing to complete medical exam
  • You need to prove to an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay.

If you do not properly attain what is listed above your application may not be approved.

Who is exempt?

You do not need a Study Permit if:

  • You plan to take a course in Canada that lasts six months or less.
  • You are a family member or staff member of a foreign representative to Canada accredited by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada. Contact your embassy in Canada to help you find out.
  • You are member of armed force under the Visiting Forces Act. If your family members want to study the must meet the requirements.
  • You are a citizen of another country who has registered status in Canada.

How to apply for a Study Permit

As soon as you receive your acceptance letter you can apply for a Study Permit. You can apply online or on paper. You may be required to complete a medical examination. Also if you are 18 years or older you may be required to do a security check and provide police certificate.

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