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sponsor your parents or grandparents to Canada

sponsor your parents or grandparents to Canada

Sponsor your parents to Canada

From the beginning to the end of our lives parents and grandparents play an important role in our lives. There are many people who come into our lives but the love and care that our families give us cannot be compared. You don’t need to feel lonely, sponsor your parents and grandparents and get that everlasting smile on your face. If you are an individual who is 18 years or older you are eligible to become a sponsor but obviously there are many other requirements you need to meet under the Family Class to sponsor your loved ones.

What are my duties as a sponsor for my parents and grandparents?

You will have to sign an undertaking with the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration for this family class sponsorship. This undertaking is a pledge to provide financial support and look after their basic requirements. The basic requirements like food, clothing, shelter etc. Though the public health care will be available to them but eye and dental care will be your responsibility. It’s important that their needs are taken care of as soon as they arrive in Canada. The undertaking is for 20 years and it is to ensure that the person being sponsored will not seek social assistance during this period.

If your conditions change does the undertaking change for the sponsorship?

If your conditions change and you are not doing well monetarily or you decide to change your province or undergo a divorce or separation whatever the reason may be the undertaking remains unaffected. It’s an unconditional pledge taken while sponsoring your parents and grandparents.

Can I have a Co-signer for sponsoring my Parents to Canada?

The only person eligible to help you out as a co-signer for your parents or grandparents sponsorship could be your Spouse or Common-Law Partner. The other family members cannot become a co-sponsor. Your spouse or common-law partner must agree to co-sign the undertaking with the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. Your partner must meet the same eligibility requirements as you, should be agreeable to take the responsibility for the basic requirements for the entire validity period of the undertaking. Remember your assets and potential earnings will not be considered.

Does Quebec have different requirements for sponsoring parents and grandparents?

The CIC assess your sponsorship application and if you meet the federal requirements you will be required to submit an undertaking. The length of undertaking and the financial ability of the sponsor are determined by the government of Quebec. In Quebec the undertaking is signed with the Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Diversité et de l'Inclusion (MIDI).

Can an undertaking be cancelled post approval for Parent or Grandparent Visa?

The Case Processing Centre-Mississauga (CPC-M) must be informed if you wish to no longer continue with your sponsorship application. This should be done before your parents or grandparents are issued permanent resident visas.

  • If you inform the CPC-M before your family members are issued permanent resident visas, CPC-M will take steps to stop the application process for permanent residence, record the withdrawal of your sponsorship and close your file. You will be informed in writing that your withdrawal was accepted.
  • If you inform the CPC-M after your family members are issued permanent resident visas the commitment you and your co-signer, if applicable, made to support your family is valid for the term of your undertaking.

Is there a necessary minimum income requirement for Sponsors?

The minimum income must meet or exceed the income table set out federally. You are required to submit to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) a notice of assessment when you are sponsoring a parent or grandparent. This assessment should be three years preceding the date of the application. There are number of factors that decide on the minimum income required for the sponsorship program, for e.g. the number of family members for whom you are financially responsible. Remember a reassessment could be done any time during the processing of the sponsorship application for parents or grandparents.

What if the co-signer wants to withdraw the support for the sponsorship?

The co-signer must inform the CPC-M of their decision to withdraw from the undertaking before permanent resident visas are issued. If co-signer fails to inform CPC-M in time the commitment is valid for the term of the undertaking.

If you or your co-signer fail to meet the obligations

Incase you or co-signer fails to meet the obligations of the undertaking then it will be considered to be a default of your obligations, none of the undertakers will be allowed to sponsor other members of the family class until you repay the government of any benefits (social assistance) your parents or grandparents must have received.

What are the chances of the application for Sponsorship being refused?

Many reasons could add up to your sponsorship application for parents and grandparents being refused. Few of them are:

  • The person you want to sponsor is not a member of the family class;
  • You may not meet the financial requirements where these are applicable;
  • The person you want to sponsor or his or her family members may not have provided the required documents as requested;
  • The relationship between you and the person you want to sponsor or his or her family members is not genuine or has been entered into for immigration purposes only; or

The person you want to sponsor or his or her family members have a criminal record or serious illness

What could delay the process for your parent and grandparent sponsorship application?

If any of these apply to you post your submitting a sponsorship application, it will not be processed until a decision is taken for that proceeding. The circumstances for the proceeding could be as below:

  • You or co-signer has been charged with the commission of an offence that is punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of at least 10 years.

  • You or co-signer is subject to an application to revoke your citizenship.

  • You or your co-signer is the subject of a certificate signed by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and the Solicitor General of Canada stating you are inadmissible on grounds of security, human or international rights violation, serious criminality or organized criminality.

  • You or co-signer is appealing the loss of you permanent resident status.

My sponsorship documents are not in English; Do I have to translate them?

A translation is required for non-English or non-French documents when applying for as a sponsor. It should be accompanied with a certified copy of the original document and an affidavit from the translator. In Canada the affidavit must be sworn in the presence of a notary, commissioner of oaths or a commissioner of taking affidavits. For outside Canada a public notary must do it.

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