Getting Canadian Permanent Residence

For most Canada is the land of opportunity! People on the outside cannot wait to enter the beautiful northern country, and the people in it don’t want to leave! Having the freedom to come and go from and to a country is liberating, but there are certain legal requirements that individuals need to meet in order to do so. Life can be quite unexpected and many times people are faced with the dilemma of leaving the country because of personal problems. Individuals with a Permanent Resident status in Canada are required to spend a specific amount of time inside the Canadian borders so they can be eligible for a PR card renewal. Failure to do remain in the country for 2 years can lead to extermination of PR status. You can contact Akrami&Associates to discuss the best options for you!

When you become a PR resident you get a card that is valid for 5 years. To renew PR card you need to be inside of Canada for 2 out of the 5 years to be applicable to a PR renewal. A permanent resident card is needed in Canada to prove that you are a resident of the country. PR cards can expire for a number of reasons. You may be eligible to renew your PR card with Humanitarian and Compassionate Arguments if you have left the country for Employment reasons or Family Emergencies. Of course there are other reasons which can be considered as well. The reasons mentioned above are the two main reasons why individuals do not meet residency requirements. What we focus on at Akrami&Associates are applying for PR and H&R applications are explaining to the officer assigned to your case, is explaining the reasons why you have not been able to fulfill your residency requirements.

Residency requirements

Reasons as to why people are unable to meet their residency requirements vary from job opportunities to family emergencies. Often individuals face trouble with finding employment options in Canada, so they turn to other countries for employment opportunities. In order for the officer to be convinced that your residency requirements were not met because of a legitimate reason you need to provide proof that you have searched and applied for jobs in Canada and have had no success with obtaining one. Therefore once you show proof that you have attempted to find a Canadian employer without any luck then your success rate increases. The other main reason that people are unable to meet the requirements is for family emergencies. Majority of family emergencies include problems such as a family member falling ill and requiring assistance on a daily basis, and officers also look at the fact that some cultures require younger generations to look after their elders. This may cause individuals to spend months if not years away from Canada and hence jeopardizing the individual’s ability to be eligible for a PR renewal.

Losing PR Status

Losing your permanent resident status does not simply happen once your card expires. The only way that you can lose your permanent resident status is done by a determination by the officer. If an officer decides to not take away your permanent resident status once your PR expires, then you are still considered a permanent resident but keep in mind that if you have been away from Canada for a long time and attempt to enter with an expired PR card, the officer may ask you questions and can decide on the day of entrance whether he thinks you should be allowed to keep your permanent resident status in Canada or not. What our firm makes sure of is that we prepare you for the questions the officer will ask during the interview. We provide you with an entry package for you to carry around with you on the day that you want to enter Canada. In the package you will have the proper documentation that the officer needs to see in order for him to be convinced that you have reason to still be a Canadian residence and that Canada is in fact your home.

We Can Help You With Your PR Card Renewal Application!

At Akrami&Associates, we have helped hundreds of clients renew their PR. We have drafter more effective plans for our clients and helped them through the applications. We can help you draft your application and arrange the required documents. One thing that will help increase your chances of success is having a well thought out folder with paid attention to detail.

Our goal is to help everyone that is interested in immigrating to Canada so if you are worried about legal fees don’t be! Contact us and we will figure out the best path that you can take in order to be successful at an affordable rate! Our firm also provides affordable kits with easy to understand instructions for you to be able to apply by yourself! Once you have finished the application our experts will look it over for you and see what needs improvement if any field needs it. Here at Akrami&Associates we are firm believers that if there is a will…There is always a way!