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Apply for the Federal Skilled Worker Program With an Arranged Employment Offer


What is Federal Skilled Arranged Employment?

If you’re thinking of looking for work in Canada, you’re probably somewhat aware that most ways to apply for a work permit in Canada require you to have a job offer from an interested employer, before you can be granted a work permit. This is because many of the work permits foreign nationals have permission to work in Canada with are closed work permits. The Federal Skilled Arranged Employment program is one which helps Canadian employers hire qualified, skilled foreign nationals to help with their company in Canada. The workers that are hired are working for the employer who applied for an Labor Market Impact Assessment, and brought them to Canada. In other words, individuals working in Canada as the result of Federal skilled arranged employment are working on a closed work permit. So, if you’re a foreign national with skills the Canadian labor market would benefit from and you would like to work in Canada, keep reading to learn more about how the federal skilled arranged employment program works!

The Federal Skilled Worker Program

It is possible to hire a foreign national for a permanent position, and bring them to Canada as permanent residents because of the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). The Federal Skilled Worker Program is set out to help Canadian employers acquire skilled workers permanently, in areas which Canadian nationals are not filling all the positions which are in demand. Through this program, individuals can be recruited for positions which qualify as Skill Type 0 (managerial occupations) or Skill Level A (professional occupations) or Skill Level B (technical occupations and skilled trades) on the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) list.

Applying to Hire a Foreign Worker through the FSWP

First, the employer must submit an application to hire the chosen foreign national to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada for a labor market impact assessment (LMIA). Then, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada assesses the genuineness of the employment offer, and, if it seems genuine and complies with the requirements of an arranged employment offer, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada will provide the employer with a positive LMIA in support of the Federal Skilled Worker application. The job offer must be permanent, non-seasonal and full-time. In addition, the potential employee must be hired under conditions regarding work and wages comparable to those offered to Canadians working in the occupation.

Please note, if the potential employee is already in Canada as a temporary foreign worker, the employer may not need a positive LMIA from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. The temporary foreign worker can submit their Federal Skilled Worker application with a valid job offer directly to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for consideration.

How Does Having an Offer of Arranged Employment Differ from just Being in the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)?

You do not need a job offer to be in the FSWP program. Rather, this program sets out minimum requirements that the government has concluded will ensure employers looking for employees will benefit from, as these qualifications ensure the potential workers are skilled, qualified and experienced. Individuals who apply for the FSWP program create an express entry profile and register with the Canadian Job Bank in an effort to receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency. With a valid offer of arranged employment, the foreign national will become eligible to apply for permanent residency even if they would not otherwise be on the priority list to receive an invitation to apply. This means that even if your occupation is full, or the cap is reached, you may still apply and be approved so as you have said job offer. While, in addition, they will receive up to an additional 10 points towards their express entry profile, depending on their specific circumstances. Finally, individuals with an offer of arranged employment do not need to prove they meet the minimum financial requirement for the FSWP either.

Am I Eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program?

Now that we’ve covered all the important things to know about applying for the FSWP with an offer of arranged employment, it is important to ensure applicants are aware of the eligibility requirements for the FSWP. To be eligible for the FSWP you must meet a variety of different requirements. There are requirements that the applicant be proficient in English or French at a minimum of Canadian Level Benchmark 7 in all four skill categories. While there are also requirements regarding the applicants work experience, education in their country of origin must be equivalent to that of what is required by Canadians. Depending on the profession you wish to enter, these requirements vary. Also, you must work with the FSWP point system, which assesses candidates in 6 different categories and scores them out of 100. Based on your specific circumstances, you must score a minimum of 67 points to be eligible for the FSWP. Remember though, an offer of arranged employment helps your score by up to 10 points. The point system is as follows:

Selection Factor

Maximum points

English and/or French skills








Arranged employment in Canada






Pass mark: 67 out of 100 points

There are requirements for the FSWP regarding the applicant’s finances, but this is not applicable to individuals with an arranged offer of employment.

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Applying as a Federal Skilled Worker under Express Entry is a great way to potentially receive permanent residency in Canada. It is a complex process to apply, but if you feel that you could meet the qualifications, contact our team of Canadian immigration lawyers and consultants today so that we can help you assess your chances and prepare the best possible application. Here, at Akrami & Associates, we work and have experience with many different immigration issues. We have helped many of our clients gain permanent residency in Canada though different programs and they are now happily living within Canada. If you believe that you may be eligible for the FSWP either with or without arranged employment, please feel free to contact Akrami & Associates at our office at 416-477-2545 for more information or if you would like to book a consultation with an immigration professional for more advise.

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