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Express Entry Questions

Express Entry Questions

Express Entry

You must have heard about the Express Entry but you do not know what the program is all about and what category of visas it involves. In this blog we will discuss various aspects of Express Entry and general questions that are asked by clients about this program. There are certain criteria that have to be met to be considered eligible for this program. First we have to understand what the purpose of Canadian government is by implementing such a program. Express Entry program is a new system by Canadian immigration to select candidates for skilled jobs and immigrate to Canada for Permanent Residency. It is an electronic process that involves the federal and provincial governments of Canada as well as the Canadian employers to serve their needs and choose potential skilled workers that they find suitable from outside of Canada.

What Increases your Chance in Express Entry?

What increases your chance is dependent on what category you apply under or fit for. There are three different categories when it comes to Express Entry.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

  • Canadian Experience Class

Each of the above categories has different requirements and meeting these requirements will increase your chance in getting an invitation to apply. We can talk about one of these categories to give you a sense of what possible requirements they look for. For example, if you want to qualify for Canadian Experience Class the minimum criteria you have to meet is listed below:

  • the candidate has to have at least 12 months of full-time job experience in Canada in the last three years or an equal period in part-time job

  • the candidate has to demonstrate that he/she has gained experience in Canada authentically through proper authorization

  • the candidate has to meet the necessary language criteria needed for the job

  • the candidate has to live outside the province of Quebec

  • not have inadmissibility issues

Exactly like Canadian Experience Class there are various requirements for other categories as well. If you match the list of those requirements you are placed in a pool with other candidates who are also eligible, the immigration will then rank you and those others using several factors. If you are one of the top candidates on their list, you will get your invitation to apply. You can apply for permanent residence online once you get the invitation to apply.

How do Applicants get Ranked in Comprehensive Ranking System?

This is also one of the common questions we get about Express Entry and we will discuss it briefly in this section of the blog. There are several components by which immigration assesses the eligibility for candidates. For you to be able to understand the ranking system you have to know the factors that are considered before you are ranked. Those factors are mentioned below:

  • Work experience

  • Language ability

  • Skills

  • Education

The reason why these factors are important is because these factors play a major role in terms of economic success for immigrants once they are in Canada. More points are given to the candidates who have job offer or are nominated by one of Canada’s provinces or territories under the Provincial Nominee Program.

As far as ranking system is concerned, you get points for things such as age, education, language skills, having a spouse, work experience etc. Below we have demonstrated how many points are given for each particular category. We will also demonstrate below how many points you earn if you are single or have a spouse. There are 12,000 points in total under the Comprehensive Ranking System for candidates without a spouse or a common-law partner:

  • 100 points for skill transferability factors

  • 500 points for core human capital factors

  • And 600 points for either having a provincial nomination after qualifying for an offer of arranged employment

Now we will also discuss the point evaluation criteria for the candidates who have a spouse or a common-law partner:

  • 460 points for principle applicant under core human capital factors

  • 40 points for core human capital factors of the spouse or common-law partner

  • 100 point for skill transferability factors

  • And 600 points for provincial nomination (offer of arranged employment)

Since this is a brief blog we cannot discuss all other factors in detail such as how many points you get for age, education, language ability, work experience and so on. You can improve your score by securing a job through job bank or by advertising yourself to Canadian employers in Canada. You can also contact province and territories to qualify for provincial nominee program. Your score can also be improved by improving your language score, education or relevant work experience. If you are lucky enough to be invited to apply for permanent residence, you will have 60 days to fill out and submit your application.

What role does Job Bank play in the Express Entry?

Job bank allows Canadian employers to hire foreign workers based on their profile uploaded on the website. It is the responsibility of the employer to provide a job letter and give surety of the job. The employer plays an important role in convincing the immigration that the foreign worker will be given the job advertised on job bank. Until the employer does not hire the foreign worker nothing gets done substantially on the file as far as the process of immigration goes.

How does it Benefit the Employer?

The employer gets benefited by a foreign worker for a job position that he did not even have the employee for. The whole idea of hiring a foreign worker is to fill a job position which no other Canadian Citizen or Permanent Residents was able to do or does not want to do. Although, Canadian Citizens and Permanent Resident card holders are preferred for the job position but if they are not able to do the job or if they do not want to do it then the employer has the right to hire a foreign worker legally for the same job. However, hiring a foreign worker does not mean that the employer can discriminate in paying low wage to the foreign worker. If other employees at the place or work are being paid a certain hourly wage and the foreign worker is not being paid exactly the same, it would be unfair on part of the employer to do that and also it will complicate the process of immigration of that foreign worker hired for the job. It totally depends on the type of job the applicant is doing that allows him to apply for permanent residence.

Do Points make Difference in Express Entry Selection?

Points do make a difference in Express Entry Selection. As mentioned above through the blog how the evaluation works. In fact the whole Express Entry is based on points system which enables you to qualify for permanent residence if the requirements met. You cannot expect a candidate being accepted into Express Entry Program without being tested on certain grounds and not be gauged through point system to see how much he/she scores. If the score is enough and meets the requirement that the candidate needs, the candidate gets invited to apply for permanent residence.

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