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Canada Port of Entry Questions

Canada Port of Entry Questions

When you reach a Canadian Port of Entry, a Canadian Border Services Agent officer will ask you some questions regarding your reasons for coming to Canada. You might be wondering what sorts of concerns they may have and how they determine who will be allowed entrance and who may be denied.

Depending upon whether you are coming to Canada as a visitor, a permanent resident, or through the live in caregiver program, there will be certain conditions on your status and so you will have to show the officer that you have met these requirements.

For example, if you reach the Port of Entry on a visitor’s visa, the officer may ask you questions regarding your visit such as,

  • Why you are visiting Canada
  • Where you are going to
  • What places you will be visiting in Canada
  • How long you will stay in Canada

In this scenario, the purpose is to establish to the visa officer that you have a legitimate reason for being in Canada and that you will not overstay your authorized time.

In addition to this, a Canadian Border Services Agent officer may also have concerns regarding your belongings. They need to document what you bring with you so that they know you are not bringing anything with you that will have a negative impact on Canada.

Being under scrutiny at the Port of Entry can be intimidating. The best thing you can do is to be prepared. You should know,

  • Why you are entering Canada
  • What conditions are placed on you as a visitor, a business visitor, a study permit holder, etc…
  • Establish that you understand and will follow these conditions

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