Intra-Company Transferee Work Permit Kit

Intra-Company Transferee Work Permit Kit

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Intra-Company Transferee Work Permit Kit

This kit will facilitate the smooth transition from your foreign employer to your Canadian subsidiary. This kit will help you determine how you best qualify: as an executive, manager or with specialized knowledge while identifying the National Occupational Classification (NOC) that works best for you. It will also outline the requirements of your parent and subsidiary company as well as the necessary documents needed to demonstrate a qualifying relationship. By using this easy, Step-By-Step guide, you will be assisting your Canadian subsidiary in no time. This kit takes into account that not everyone is an immigration expert, and you don’t need to be. With this kit you will be able to successfully submit an application on your own.

Intra-Company Transferee Work Permit Kit Features GOLD ELITE
How to Qualify for Intra Company Transferee Work Permit
Benefits of Obtaining a Work Permit in Canada
What your Company Need to Qualify
Assessing Start Up Companies
What a Qualifying Relationship Is
Types of Intra Company Transferees and Requirements
How to Determine your National Occupational Classification
Analysis of Executive vs. Managerial vs. Specialized Knowledge in Detail
How to Demonstrate Applicant Expertise
Difference Between Applying under NAFTA and Overseas
Customized Document Checklist
Step-By-Step Instructions on Competing Forms and Other Supporting Documentation
Border Preparation
Interview Tips
How to Submit your Application
What to Expect after Submission
Step-By-Step Instructions on Obtaining Police and State Clearance
Step-By-Step Instructions on Obtaining Medical Exam
Template Submission Letter
Template Employment Reference Letter
Template Intra-Company Transfer Invitation Letter
Template Resume
Template Employment Contract
Template Employment Offer Letter
Template Invitation Letter from Canadian Company