Start-up Visa Kit

Start-up Visa Kit

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Start-up Visa Kit

This unique application type is the first of its kind. If you are a young entrepreneur who wishes to open a business in Canada, this kit is for you! This kit will walk you through the steps of finding the right financial backing while providing you with the insight you will need to demonstrate your eligibility for the program. It will also provide you with a step by step guide to meeting your language and educational requirements. This kit will also provide you with useful templates to not only entice investors but compile a winning application. This kit takes into account that not everyone is an immigration expert, and you don’t need to be. With this kit you will be able to successfully submit an application on your own.

Start-up Visa Kit Features GOLD ELITE
Guide to Qualifying For the Start-Up Visa
Difference Between Angel Investors vs. Capital Venture Funds
How to Receive the Right Financial Backing
Guide to Meeting Language Requirements
Assessment of your Educational Credentials
Comprehending Financial Requirements
How Family Size Affects the Minimum Financial Requirements
Demonstrating you Meet Financial Requirements
In Depth Analysis of Required Forms and Supporting Documentation
Information on How and Where to Submit your Application
What you Can Expect after Submitting
How To Handle Correspondence from CIC
Customized Document Checklist
Step-By-Step Instructions on Obtaining Police and State Clearance
FAQs About the Start Up Visa
Template Business Plan
Template Employment Reference Letter
Template Employment Contract
Template Employment Offer Letter
Template Résumé
Template Submission Letter
Template Supporting Reference Letter
Template Supporting Personal Statement