Canadian citizenship Kit

Canadian Citizenship Kit

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Canadian Citizenship Canadian Citizenship is the final step to Canada’s Immigration. This easy to understand kit will help you ensure you meet your residency obligation by providing you with the knowledge you will need to calculate your time spend in Canada. It also provides you with the study material you will need and example tests to help you prepare for your Canadian Citizenship Test. This kit simplifies applying for Canadian Citizenship. It takes you through all the steps, from preparing your documents to taking the Citizenship Oath. It takes into consideration that not everyone is going to be an immigration expert, and you don’t need to be! With this application kit you will be able to file your own application successfully.
Canadian Citizenship Kit Features GOLD ELITE
Canadian Citizenship Requirements
Rights & Responsibilities of Canadian Citizen
Qualifying for Canadian Citizenship
How to Obtain a Language Test
Information on Overcoming Inadmissibility
In-Depth Look at the Forms and Documents Required
Step-By-Step Guide to Completing Each Form
In Depth Look at Other Recommended Documents
How and Where to Submit Your Application
What to Expect After Submitting Your Application
Customized Document Checklist
FAQs About Canadian Citizenship
Template Submission Letter
Discover Canada Guide
Template Citizenship Test
Template Employment Reference Letter
Template Employment Contract
Template Résumé
Template Supporting Reference Letter
Template Supporting Personal Statement